Thomas McBride

Howdy. I was born in Las Vegas and now I work and live in Buffalo. Crazy, right? Here's some things that happened between that fateful day in Vegas, and now.
I've ran numerous road races around the country searching for my next PR. I've also traveled around the world, including to various locations in Africa where I helped produce an ongoing social documentary. I graduated Canisius College with a degree in Digital Media Arts which I've used to tell some incredible motion picture stories at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. There, I produce, edit, and finish projects alongside an incredibly talented team. I also occasionally get a chance to flex my still photography muscles, and take some pixel perfect images one frame at a time.
In between shoots and edits, you'll find me in the kitchen cooking or baking a new recipe, waiting for a connecting flight at EWR, or sweating on a spin bike at Revolution. My email is always open though, so drop a line!